Little Big
Classic Grand
18 Jamaica St, Glasgow G1 4QD
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О событии

First time in Glasgow!
Big Concert at Classic Grand
Little Big is a music collective hailing from the sunny city of Los Angeles, which has won the hearts of listeners not only in the United States but all around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and many other countries. Their tracks and music videos have become true hits, reaching the highest positions on the music charts.
Today, the influential punk-pop-rave band Little Big announce a European tour in Autumn. Known for their super-viral iconic music videos, Little Big’s front people Ilya "Ilich" Prusikin and Sonya Tayurskaya are thrilled to bring their spectacular live shows to Europe. Leading up to the tour, they will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and release a brand new song and music video “Pendejo” on April 12th.
Band has an avid worldwide fanbase and is known for their collaborations with international artists such as Oliver Tree, Tommy Cash, Finch Asozial, Dillon Francis, Clean Bandit and Sacha Baron Cohen.
These collaborations bring uniqueness and diversity to their creativity, inspiring listeners with new musical discoveries.
Their music videos count over 3 billion views and “Skibidi” became their most popular video with more than 667 million views. Their single “UNO” is also a record breaker — it became the most viewed video in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest with an impressive 266 million views.
The creators of viral hits and vivid aesthetic images, Little Big, return with renewed energy! Their recent single, "Generation Cancellation," caused a real sensation, but it also became the reason for disapproval in their own country due to the group's anti-war stance. They always stand for being apolitical and approach war, politics, and propaganda critically. Their music and visual works represent a vibrant manifesto, a voice that must be heard.
Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of their captivating show, filled with energy and vibrant emotions. Embark on an unforgettable musical journey with Little Big!
This will be the most thrilling concert with an incredible show in Glasgow.
Doors open 19:00
Start 20:00
Address: Classic Grand, 18 Jamaica St, Glasgow G1 4QD
Non refundable tickets



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